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4 INCH Full Range Bullet Speaker Tweeter Mid Woofer Rubber Hifi Home Theater 2.0 2.1 Loudspeaker DIY 4OHM

4 INCH Full Range Bullet Speaker Tweeter Mid Woofer Rubber Hifi Home Theater 2.0 2.1 Loudspeaker DIY 4OHM

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Voice Control: No

Support Memory Card: No

Support Apt-x: No

Speaker Type: Computer Speaker

Speaker Type: PA Speakers

Speaker Classification: Full-range Speaker

Sensivity: 88dB

Sensitivity: 88dB

Resonance frequency (Fo): 61Hz

Remote Control: No

Power range: 5-15W

Power Source: DC,None,Battery,AC

Playback Function: DVD,Radio,CD,mp3,None,Other

PMPO: no

Output Power: 12W

Origin: Mainland China

Opening Holes: 116mm

Number of Loudspeaker Enclosure: 2

NET Weight: 774g/pcs

Model Number: 4 INCH Full Range Speaker

Material: Metal

Input Power(W): <25 W

Impedance: 4 Ohm

Impedance: 4 OHM

Frequency response range: 61Hz-18.5KHz

Display Screen: No

Communication: Audio Line

Channels: 2 (2.0)

Cabinet Material: Metal

Built-in Microphone: No

Brand Name: GHXAMP

Battery: No

Audio Crossover: Full-Range

Brand:GHXAMP,Price for Two Units.
Impedance: 4 OHM, (if you need 8Ohm,please leave me message)
Rated power: 12W
Power range: 5-15W
Resonance frequency (Fo): 61Hz
Frequency response range: 61Hz-18.5KHz
Sensitivity: 88dB
Opening Holes :116mm
Through hole 93mm
Shen hole 3mm
NET Weight:774g/pcs
1.This section of the full-frequency hanging edge for the rubber side, low-frequency than the PU, cloth and leather material under the hanging edge slightly deeper.
2.Full pulp cone, in the high-frequency clear and thorough, human voice poison, layered sense of clear.
3.Recommended to do desktop HIFI or bookcase speakers, stylish appearance and excellent performance, is undoubtedly placed in the bedroom or study treasures. On the low frequency is not demanding friends can directly do 2.0 speakers, power amplifier recommended power rated 15W * 2, 5W   Tube machine   can be easily pushed. If the pursuit of greater efforts to low-frequency, you can add a subwoofer to do 2.1 speakers, the effect is more shocking, the overall resolution is higher.
4.This section of the whole frequency of T iron plus copper ring, coupled with the metal phase cone, the design concept is very hard, not only pay attention to the appearance of tall, sound quality is to strive for high fidelity, to ensure that the original flavor of the original reduction of each trace sound.
5.The use of treble cups, making the high frequency than the average frequency of the same frequency is more beautiful, and even silk film treble into the slightest feeling, the whole is very transparent. It can be said that this section of the full frequency is not demanding low frequency under the premise is very good,  it is worth starting! For some of the onlookers hand ear ear beginners, this full range is also very good practice artifacts. With a good box and amplifier, the overall resolution is good, it is easy to get started.
About full range speakers
What is the whole speaker? Simply said that a speaker can also take the bass treble, without having to add other speakers. Full-frequency unit has been sought after by the enthusiasts, its wide range, precise phase, sinister voices are difficult to do the frequency box, these are the full range of the advantages of natural unit.
Full frequency unit without divider, as much as possible to reduce the loss of audio signals, high efficiency. And the output of the amplifier without going through the divider directly into the speaker voice coil, more easily control the speaker, so that the speaker is more clean and agile. At the same time, the whole frequency of the box is also relatively simple, coupled with the appropriate size of the box on it, amateur enthusiasts can easily produce. But to really do a good job, reflecting the charm of the whole speaker, or the need for a higher level of technology.
Although the full range of speakers have all the advantages and obsessed with the place, but also can not avoid some of it can not do or difficult to do. The full range of the midrange is good, but the treble and bass compared to the frequency box is still weak, the gas field can not do so frequency. If your hobby is rock, DJ, then you still do sub-frequency box, the whole frequency can not afford such a toss. If you think this section is full of low frequency is not good enough, please and the same size of the other full-frequency speakers, do not and the same size of the woofer, we can tell you very clearly, genuine 40 yuan subwoofer will be lower than the low frequency This is full of loudspeakers. Is the so-called surgery industry specializing in the choice of the whole frequency is to take its advantages, and you have to accept it a little weakness.
Package included:
2pcs Full Range Speaker
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