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TPA3116 Subwoofer Bluetooth Amplifier HiFi TPA3116D2 2.1 Digital Power Amplifiers 50Wx2+100W Sound Amplificador A03

TPA3116 Subwoofer Bluetooth Amplifier HiFi TPA3116D2 2.1 Digital Power Amplifiers 50Wx2+100W Sound Amplificador A03

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output power: 50Wx2+100W

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: A03

Maximum Power Per Channel: 100W

Feature 1: Bluetooth amplifier

Feature: Subwoofer amplifier

Channels: 3 (2.1)

Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

Brand Name: Aiyima

Bluetooth version: 5.0

1.Support two input, one AUX input, connect wired analog signal input; another one Bluetooth 5.0 wireless input, can connect with mobile phone, computer and other Bluetooth devices.

2. Support the frequency adjustment of the subwoofer, you can adjust the bass frequency according to your needs.

3 support the bass frequency adjustment of the left and right satellite boxes, making the left and right speaker output more playable; in addition, the left and right speakers can also be used when the subwoofer is not connected

4.The Bluetooth part adopts the imported QCC3003 / QCC3034 high quality Bluetooth receiver, and the internal uses 4 NE5532 op amps, 3 of which can be plugged and unplugged, which is convenient for customers to change different styles. Op amps, increase playability.

5. Material, plug-in capacitors all use original imported goods,large reservoir.

6. No switch sound

7. Large heat sink, long-term high-power stable work

8.Power supply voltage: DC12V-24V, current 3A or more, voltage socket 5.5*2.5mm, external negative internal positive (recommended DC24V 6A)

9.Output impedance 4-8 Ohm

10.Output power left and right channel 50W+50W 4 ohm load , subwoofer 100W .2.1 channel.

11. Frequency response: 20-20KHz

12. Distortion: 0.1%

13.Signal to noise ratio:> 82db

14.Sensitivity: 82db

15.Left and right channel bass adjustment range: +12db -14db

16.Left and right channel treble adjustment range: ±10db

17.Subwoofer cut-off frequency: 40-240HZ

18. Length * width * height (124 * 130 * 33mm); weight about 570g

19. The function of the knob from right to left is: total volume adjustment, left and right channel treble adjustment, left and right channel bass adjustment, subwoofer volume adjustment, subwoofer frequency adjustment.

About the signal line
Signal lines are used to transmit weak small signals, and small signals are more susceptible to interference. A normal signal line is required to have a shield.
It is best to test the signal lines as good as possible. Even with very good signal lines, you will still be disturbed when using your mobile phone as a signal source.

About the signal source
The most commonly used signal sources are mobile phones and computers. The quality of audio signals output by mobile phones and computers according to different brand models is also different. Generally speaking, if the quality of the sound signal directly from the computer motherboard is relatively poor, it cannot be heard at a small volume, but it will be obvious after the amplifier is amplified.
If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of the computer itself, you can purchase a USB decoder (equivalent to an external USB sound card) from the store to improve the sound source and greatly reduce the noise. The method of judging the source of noise is relatively simple. Do not insert the input signal into it, turn the amplifier volume up, and listen to the noise in the speaker. If there is no noise, the noise comes from the source or signal line.

Precautions for use:
1 Do not use cheap audio signal lines These lines are not shielded by themselves. High-frequency noise will be introduced. The louder the potentiometer rotates, the larger the noise will become, and the sound is very good, such as Akihabara. Quiet as deep sea, no whistling
2 The correct order of use is to connect the power supply of the notebook power supply and the power amplifier first, and then let the notebook power supply be connected to the mains. The wrong way is to first connect the laptop power to the mains and then connect the laptop plug to the digital amplifier. Because the digital function has a filter capacitor inside, these will produce a slight low-voltage spark for 0.1 second, although there is no impact on performance, but this way The habit is not good either.
3 Use a power supply with as much current as possible. If you only use 2-3A power supply, the output performance will be greatly limited.


To have enough output power if the audio input is sufficient and the supply voltage/current is sufficient. The power supply voltage is higher and the relative power will be larger. The speakers with different impedances will have different output powers. In the case of sufficient voltage and current, the larger the ohms of the horn, the smaller the relative sound power. Please pay attention!

Package included:

1PCS 2.1 Bluetooth 5.0 Digital Amplifier(optional)

1PCS Power Supply(optional)

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