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TPA3116D2 TPA3116 2.1 Subwoofer Bluetooth Amplifier Digital Audio Board 50W*2+100W Bass AUX For 2.1 Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker DIY

TPA3116D2 TPA3116 2.1 Subwoofer Bluetooth Amplifier Digital Audio Board 50W*2+100W Bass AUX For 2.1 Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker DIY

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Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Amplifier

Maximum Power Per Channel: 50W


Channels: 3 (2.1)

Brand Name: Agoal

Product description:
1. This is a DC-powered 12-24V power supply, using TI's TPA3116D2 high-performance digital power amplifier chip as the core, one to do parallel bridged bass channel power amplification output, one to do left and right channel power amplification output. support 100W (bass channel) + 50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel) three-channel output.
2. Support Bluetooth audio reception, external audio input interface, with a preamplifier, bass crossover processing; bass volume, bass frequency, left and right channel volume, treble, function control switch / total volume, 5 adjustment potentiometers.
3. Wide working voltage, energy-saving design, efficiency up to 90%. You can use a good performance switching power supply, laptop switching power supply, you can also use a charging bottle, or car power supply, etc...
4. The board is a finished board that has been soldered and tested. Connect the speaker box according to the picture, connect the appropriate power supply, connect to the Bluetooth audio device to play, or connect the sound source input correctly.
?5. Bluetooth 5.0 version.
The main product parameters:
Size (L * W * H): 101 x 100 x 25mm, excluding potentiometer and socket projection
Operating voltage range: DC 11-25V (current 3-4A, or 19-24V / 4-5A, such as high power requirements 20-24V / 8-9A above)
Note that the DC no-load voltage should not be greater than 25.5V.
Bluetooth receiving distance:> 8 m (meters)
Audio input sensitivity: 600-800mV
Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz
Speaker impedance: left and right channel speakers: 4-8 ohm, bass speaker impedance: 2-8 ohm
The output power is related to the supply voltage/current, the speaker impedance, and the size of the audio input. When the power supply voltage/current is sufficient, usually the power supply voltage is higher and the relative output power can be made larger. Speakers with different impedances have different output powers. Usually, the speaker impedance is smaller and the power is easier to achieve.
Function switch Instructions for use:
1. Plugin the power-on default Bluetooth mode
2. Bluetooth disconnected, long-press the switch can switch to the audio input mode
3. Bluetooth play status, short press the switch to pause/play
Package includes:
1 x TPA3116 Subwoofer Amplifier Board
pls choose the chip you need

Product question:
1. Amplifier board has current sound and noise.
Most of our amplifier boards use DC power supply. The board itself does not produce current sound and noise.
The main causes of current acoustic noise are:
A, The power supply filter used is not good; the current sound is caused by wrong input by the power or audio input.
B, The input signal quality is poor; the output of the device connected to the input is improper, and the noise is caused by the abnormal input of the audio source.
C, The input cable is of poor quality; the line is in poor connect; the wiring is damaged; the wiring is suspended
D, The input connection has other playback devices, and some devices share the power supply to cause noise.
2. No sound output, no sound in 1 channel
A, The speaker is broken, or the speaker cable is not connect well.
B, The input cable is not in good connect; the wiring is damaged; the output of the device connected to the input is improper.
3. Volume broken and breaking sound when turn loud?
A, The power input is insufficient, confirm the wiring is correct first, and the supply current is sufficient,
B, The speaker itself has poor performance or damage, and the speaker power is too small or too large.
C, left and right channel speakers (+) (-) output are independent, can not be connected to each other
4. Speaker broken sound when subwoofer amplifier volume turn loud ?
A, The power input is insufficient, first confirm the wiring is correct, the supply current is enough
B, Whether the power of the speaker itself is too large or too small, or the bass performance of the speaker itself is poor; the structure of the speaker box; these abnormalities will cause breaks.
5. The volume power is not enough?
Power and power supply voltage, the amplitude of the sound source signal, the size of the speaker impedance are all related, any kind of deficiency will affect the power
6. Will the amplifier be burnt?
A, The positive and negative poles of the power supply are connected reversely; the power supply voltage is too high, exceeding the limit operating voltage of the board
B. If the board requires a DC power supply, it is not allowed to connect directly the AC transformer power supply (this can be rectified and converted to DC power before it can be used)
C. To confirm that the wiring is correct, then connect with the power supply. The wrong line connected or the short circuit both will cause damage to key parts!




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